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   Queensway Laminated PVC Wall and Ceiling Panel is made from the chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride, in which laminated via heat process of thin layer decorative film for the brilliant and veneer appearance of the panel.

   It is widely used not only because of its stylish and elegant looks but also because of its durability, light weight, maintenance-free, easy to install and most of all savings on time and on money. 

   PVC Panel has been competing in the market for long years. It has plenty of pro’s and con’s based on the brand comparison. In Queensway, one thing for sure… our PVC Wall and Ceiling Panel is always ON TOP of all QUALITIES.

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PVC means Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a kind of plastic which is very popular these days. It is very budget friendly and easy to install. It looks very good so it is taking the place of traditional building material such as wood, clay etc

PVC panels are easy to install, good looking, waterproof, stain proof, termite proof, moisture proof, budget friendly, low in maintenance, safe and recyclable. Above that installation of PVC panels is an extremely easy job as compared to tiles or even paint etc. A few points to consider are as under – 

  • PVC Wall panels installation causes very little nuisance because very little noise while installation.

  • It does not spreads dirt like in painting etc.

  • No pain of cleaning the surrounding afterwards.

PVC panels can be used for covering interior walls, ceilings of rooms, offices, basements and especially in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Yes, these panels are absolutely water proof and these are made of PVC and the joints are also water resistant. These panels can be used in wet and damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Otherwise you can use it all over the house such as bedroom ceilings, garages, basements etc.

Yes, PVC panels can be installed over tiles, plywood and drywall.

No, these panels require very low maintenance and are low in cost too. you can easily clean these panels with a wet cloth. However, do not use chlorinated or abrasive agents for cleaning.

PVC panels are very durable. Daily wear and tear will not affect them. But a sharp and heavy object can definitely damage the panels.

PVC panels can withstand temperature up to 140°F (60°C). It can be used in shower panels but not in saunas. Ceiling lights can be used in panels as it can withstand those temperatures.

As compared to PVC panels, Tiles come in various sizes and prices. It can be sometimes cheaper than PVC panels. But installing panels is less tedious job instead of installing tiles, so it will result in reduction of installation cost. At last PVC panels will be cheaper than tiles. You can get the approximate budget of installation of PVC by visiting our showroom.

Yes, it is very easy to remove the PVC panels than tiles. You can change the color and design of the panels every year if you want.

PVC Panels are perfect choice for damp walls as many people around the worlds are using these to get rid of damp walls.

PVC panels are fully rust proof as these are made of plastic. The age of plastic is very long and Wall Affairs always brings you the best quality only. These panels will easily last 25-30 years.

PVC panels come in many designs and textures. So honestly it has to be said that not all PVC panels are dust proof. But if you choose a design carefully, and with our guidance, then very little dust sticks to these panels’ surfaces.

PVC Panels are manufactured by joining two sheets of PVC almost 5-8mm apart. A mesh structure is used to join the two sheets which provide it enough strength to withstand reasonable impacts. But one must take enough care as medium to heavy impact can damage the panel.

Special chemicals are added to the PVC panels, while manufacturing, to make them fire resistant. Many of our panels are CSRIO fire rated AS/NZS 3837 which stops the spread of fire. However PVC panel cannot be called completely fire proof.

These PVC panels are made with two sheets of PVC which a few mm apart and have air between them. This structure helps them to make sound resistant. So these panels can be easily used in music room to make them sound resistant.

PVC panels are extremely light in weight. All the panels are affixed to walls with utmost care and proper screws and fittings. Panels are joined together to each other with click to fit mechanism. But these panels are light in weight that even if a PVC panel fall off the wall due to poor craftsmanship, they won’t do any harm.

Fitting of PVC panels take very little time as no cement, sand or mixing of any kind is needed. Only condition is that the wall on which they need to fir should be ready. It can be easily said that they are easily the quickest to fit than any other wall decoration stuff available in the market.

Termite attacks on the wooden materials only. As PVC is made of only plastic, so PVC panels are 100% termite proof.

Yes, you can easily reuse the PVC panel after uninstalling and then reinstalling the same PVC panels on another location.

We have mentioned the PVC panels as being hygienic simply because they are damp proof and termite proof as well. These qualities of PVC panels help to reduce the growth of bacteria and virus which normally grow in our walls and moisture friendly areas. Medical studies have shown that PVC panels help the patients with allergies have recovered significantly quickly after installing PVC panels are their homes.

You can paint the PVC panels after installation. We have special category of panels which come in raw finish especially for this purpose.

PVC panels come in various designs, some of which are very budget friendly.

No, Our PVC Wall Panels are made of high grade PVC and coating is also done using the latest technology. There no possibility of smell of any kind.

PVC panels are made of rigid quality plastic while the wallpaper is normally made of paper or synthetic sheets. Secondly wallpaper sheet is normally a thin sheet of approximately less than 1mm while PVC panels are made of two PVC sheets joined together with rigid mesh structure. Simply put, in comparison PVC wall panels are always a better choice as compared wallpaper.

Considering the construction of a PVC panel, which consists of air in between the layers, a PVC panel will act an insulator for temperature in the room. After the installation another layers of air is created in between the wall and the panel. So in winters the room will be warmer and in summers the room will feel cooler.

Yes, the PVC wall and ceiling panels offered by us are completely water proof and made of high grade plastic. Our team will fit the PVC panels with help of special glue in between the groove so that joints are also water proof. so there is no problem in using these panels in bathroom or similar places.

Yes, this is somewhat true. In fact the PVC panels made from the poor quality plastic will start to get cracks after some years but this is not the case with Wall Affair PVC panels.

No, Wall Affairs PVC panels are manufactured with the latest technology and will not fade and are not even subject to color change. PVC panels are not even reactive to polluted air and do not absorb liquids. However constant exposure to sunlight or rain may damage the colors.

Yes, as the PVC panels are made of moldable plastic and are flexible in nature, they can be installed on curved surfaces.

Our panel is available in 7inch x 3metrs. We offer the largest range of designs in the region and have many design in each category.

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